She's electric

Dynamics with creativity electrifies the future


zero emissions.

While its biggest rivals are merely talking about the future, SAIC Maxus consider the future is now and launched the EV80 – an unprecedented European styled light-duty EV - into the domestic market. Characterised by higher energy efficiency, stronger power, zero emissions, and enhanced eco-friendly performance, the EV80 brings you unprecedented green power and a high-tech charm which pushes the boundaries of science and technology beyond the norm.

High-tech integrated system with human-vehicle interaction This not only ushers in a futuristic design that is ahead of its time but also boasts an interactive display of a variety of data, living up to the goal of“seeing it all at a glance”.


130Miles on a single charge.

Fully Charged in Only 2 Hours.


The most sophisticated electric power system High-capacity lithium ion phosphate battery, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and intelligent electric motor controller bring you high-efficiency and steady power output.Digital intelligent continuously variable transmission (CVT)Intelligent switching between the three power modes leads to a seamless speed change and gives an exceedingly smooth driving experience.EPB Electric park brake EPB makes the parking operation convenient and reliable, and helps prolong park brake parts’ service life.


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