SAIC NEW LDV VAN RANGE “A Spectacular hit at the Auto Shanghai show 2015”

Auto Shanghai 2015 opened its doors on the 20th of April 2015 and will run until the 29th of April. The re-launch of the LDV brand under its new master SAIC has now started to gain serious momentum with the addition of new vans to the range. 

The 16th Auto Shanghai Show was the launch pad for the updated V80 and  for the all new G10 Van. 

It must be said that the V80 has undergone major changes and all the updates have made this vehicle a contender for customers seeking a tried and tested design coupled with a renowned drive train and other highly regarded international technology.

On display for the first time was the G10 Panel van, with very modern lines and design features that would be at home on any European van. The show also gave LDV the platform to showcase the fantastic range of variants made for both the V80 and the G10. The show stopper was the LDV VIP G10 in black, to be fair the interior would not look out of place in a private jet!

The news keeps getting better and better for LDV as the brand has now been launched in Australia and New Zealand and is selling very well. In the last couple of months LDV has also made a welcome return to Ireland and is now available from the Harris Group and will have its official launch sometime in June 2015.

As far as sales goes LDV figures just released show; 

Total sales in Q1 2015 are up 111%

Export Sales rose by 642%

It looks like people have missed LDV and are welcoming it back to the market with open arms.